I purchased the notebook from PROPortable. I would have preferred to see these key positions switched, but in the end it serves as only a minor irritation. And today’s laptops are definitely converging with desktops and vice-versa, in terms of noise and size. Tucker Overview and Introduction: We’ve changed, we promise.

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It shows video well, and it offers reasonable space asux display two screens side by side. One aspect we couldn’t fault was the GB Hitachi Travelstar hard drive.

ASUS W3J Laptop Review

The keyboard is wj3 well executed in most respects. Asus W3J Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

All other things being equal, I’d rather be sitting in front of a less expensive and more flexible desktop machine. Heat is naturally going to be an issue when such a powerful graphics card is packed into such a small unit. I’m suffering through it for now, because it’s the only substantive complaint I have about the W3J.

The brushed aluminum lid is poetically elegant, and the seamless touchpad is gorgeous. The colorations of the computer itself lend a great deal to the aesthetics of the machine. Core W3jj 5 pounds maximum weight Dedicated video hardware Removable optical drive Laptops have outsold desktops sincedepending on whose data you believe.


Laptops involve far fewer compromises than in years past. The left row of shortcut keys controls media playback including CD playback when the laptop is ‘off’ and the right-hand keys toggle the Bluetooth adaptor, video source and Wi-Fi, and switch the mouse touchpad on and off.

I am confident in stating that you will enjoy the experience. Below this is a single, long mouse button that functions as two separate buttons depending on whether s3j press the left or right half.

The CPU appears to be socketed, so it’s theoretically replaceable. We think it has the perfect amount of springiness and we rarely found ourselves gazing down at aaus trying to make sure our fingers were in the right place — as is often the case with small laptops.

Asus W3J Review (pics, specs)

The integrated intel “HD” audio is impressive. This enhances colours and contrast, but it can render the laptop unusable if used in direct light — you’ll either love it or hate it. It’s very easy to upgrade. The touchpad is a pleasant surprise. Keyboard and touchpad view of the Asus W3j view large image I enjoy both these aspects of the W3j. Right side ww3j of W3j ports view large image.

The mobile world might finally get exciting again in I love the glossy LCD display. I find the stroke distance to be slightly more than that w3 typical notebook keyboards, which I also enjoy.


Impressively, the laptop doesn’t rely on an Intel integrated graphics adaptor. HP Spectre x inch, late This provides loads of storage space for such for such a small laptop, so you w3h have much trouble stashing a comprehensive library of music or movies.

W3J- | ASUS Global

Where and How Purchased: I have as yet not had occasion to deal with Asus Technical Support. This means colours may appear slightly warped when not watching from a central position. The difference between the ranges is determined by CPU usage, screen brightness, and optical drive activity. Sure, these are great asuus identifying which components are inside the laptop, but they make the unit look slightly tacky — we wouldn’t hesitate to remove them the minute we got it home from the shop. Axus three or four people where crowded around the screen I would expect those persons on the outside to have difficulty seeing.

In my opinion, the one drawback of the keyboard is the situation of the Left Control and Function keys.