Is the company real and did anubody bought any golf equipment from them. I just checked with Callaway, and they have a list of counterfiet sites. I worked my butt off for that company and the customers that entered my golf shop. I would be interested to hear your experience with them as well as any other people that have bought from garagesalegolf. Today I refused the pkg and I will refute any charges he may apply. Anyway, all those sites lead back to a place named Hensol Golf Academy. I just had an experience with http:

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Those golfers who have to have the authentic clubs with matching serial numbers and think that will improve thier gamego to your pro shop and get your clubsand rest easyThose of you who will buy on ebay take a chancethose of you who want the real thing and try a chinese wbsitegood luck with thatand dont bitch about it later. In retrospect, this looked too good to be true, and was.

10 Ways Not To Buy Fake Counterfeit Golf Clubs!

I think this thread has caused as much hysteria as information. The trend in the phone market was the adoption of elongated aspect ratio displays. Other smaller review sites can be helpful as well in sending you in the right direction. Almost all of the big chains have had to implement mandatory inspections of every club that comes couhterfeit their shop because the quality of the countedfeit are getting so good.


Actually, sometimes my credit card gets blocked, those card companies put pesky fraud detection on them and sometimes block transactions on websites they think are dodgy. The price was not really r11ss. Page 53 of 61 First Frostbite Falls, MN Handicap: In the R11s it’s the fast and convenient facial recognition which takes that title.

Usually, when a website has other affiliate websites usgolfsale.

Upon review, some of the warning flags mentioned here are present — questionable grammer, no phone number or physical address, no customer reviews. They all seem to have prices that are low but each seller is top rated with their own eBay store and accept returns.

R11s Driver Legitimate? – Golf Talk – The Sand Trap .com

Didn’t want to spend a huge amount of cash so looked on eBay for something that was a couple of years old. Why worry about their pricing? They are obvious fakes.

I have tried and they have no address or phone. These golf companies could easily greatly reduce though admittedly, not eliminate the losses attributable to counterfeiting by producing their products in the United States. Having read this forum and researching the site that I bought them at I cancelled the order yesterday via e-mail.

From the pics counterfejt, is there anything that should suggest I should be worried. The answers will be no, no and no. Hi does anyone know about http: They have 75k sales, so is this just OEM mass production prices? I read all on this post as I knew everyone can lead to scam if they order cheap price from strange name business.

  B350 22B DRIVER

10 Ways (NOT) To Buy Fake Golf Clubs on EBAY!

Are the clubs fake? Past 20 years, I have see so many different golf clubs and some of them were fake last five years ago.

There were subtle differences in the lettering on the headcover and the head itself that you would not know if not looking at a real one side by side with the fake.

Did you ever get an answer?

I found out later that they were counterfeits. KuiemQuiem did the transaction and is still pending.

Any info as to whether their authorized dealer is a Chinese? Because, like any other rational entity in the marketplace, companies like Callaway and TaylorMade can maximize their profits by taking advantage of low labor and production costs offered in China.

In which category do you come into? Hi Guys please be aware of this site http: