With individual consultation, DEPRAG can also offer a wide range of testing tools and measurement equipment for the establishment of in-house measuring laboratories. Functional principle of the measuring instruments connected to a certain torque-transducer: By means of the recorded graph, the screwdriving specialist can precisely analyze the screw joint. We are able to offer a suitable torque-transducer for any application case, because of the multitude of adaptations for all common screwdriving tasks. The measurement electronic ME for connection to a PC is the ideal measurement device for a stationary calibration laboratory.

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The Deprag Minimat EC-Servo Range of screwdrivers feature direct torque and angle measurement and guarantees the highest accuracy and precise control of the screwdriving process. Transducers measure the torque directly on the component.

Transducer (DMS, non-contact)

During the measurement series mode, the peak values of several single measurements are automatically toqrue into a measurement series. The high resolution system of 15 bit is suitable for all torque transducers. The test is now repeated ten or twenty times – always with original components. Additional angle-monitoring at a torque-controlled tightening. Deprag Screwdriving Technology Products Screwdrivers.

Drive The screwdrivers is equipped with a brushless drive motor with low voltage supply.

This is imperative for torque below 0. The mathematical context between toruqe tension of the screw and the created pre-load is much more accurate than the connection between the torque and the pre-load.

This instrument is designed to process a large amount of data up to 1, measuring values and it offers a high flexibility when processing data, since all relevant values are made available to a PC using an ASCII-format. The mechanical torque wrenches manual indicator design can be used for simple adjustment or control tasks. In the technical world, the screw process is the only reversible process with respect to the connection of assembled depra.


The error analysis on site may take weeks, or even months. In this case too, the screw joint analysis highlights the problem and defines reliable set of parameters and sequences.

ESD safe pneumatic torque controlled screwdrivers. This means that the screw is being tightened to a predetermined threshold and then further rotated by a predetermined post-tension angle. A plastic casing is to be installed into a car’s instrument display. The screws to be used in the assembly may be dimensionally smaller, because of the added safety by reaching the necessary assembly pre-load.

According to a design of the screw, this plastic area is very short or flat and elongated. One can easily recognize that a special screw with a wide plastic area is necessary to realistically apply an angle-controlled tightening process. What appears so easy can actually prove to be a brain-teaser for industrial production. Therefore, the industry has to draw on indirect measuring means in screw assembly.

The measuring instruments can be operated in the following operational modes Modi: You can easily process large amounts of data e.

The required graphics analysis program is included as standard. The registered measurement values can be transmitted via a serial port on the docking totque to a PC or printed on printer ND 40 see accessories. Friction effects on the torque-controlled tightening. The selection of the suitable torque-transducer depends on your individual application and the requirement in regards to process reliability.


For specially high accuracy demands, or for the obtaining of extremely small torque values, we recommend to mount the platform deprab its polished lower surface to a table top, which has been treated in a similiar fashion.

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On the one hand, the achieved pre-tension must be sufficient to keep the component totque, while on the other hand the screw and component should not be damaged by over tightening.

Another great advantage of this measurement instrument is the high resolution of the measurement data and the recording of large measurement tprque of up to values. The time-difference between the 1st and 2nd impulse echo is used to measure the screw length. In certain intervals, the screwdrivers are cross-checked using torque-transducers and if deviations occur, re-adjustments can be made.

So one could conceivably discover a missing seal because of a post-tension angle being too short or an insufficiently hardened edprag because of a post-tension angle being too long.