SteelSeries Cloudsync Users now have the ability to backup, share, and sync your configuration profiles through the SteelSeries CloudSync across all your platforms. Protect and prioritize networking traffic while preventing lag spikes so you can game without fear and play at your best. Unlimited profile possibilities Profiles are sets of macros, button assignments, and device configurations that are frequently used together. The Verdict There is a lot to like about the GS Both numbers are respectable, but my favorite part of using this particular model is the display. Most high-powered laptops can only do about half of that.

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GS65 fulfill your diverse portability needs. We provide an exceptionally smooth, powerful mobile platform for ultimate VR games.

The fastest gaming display brings you the most vibrant visuals for the ultimate gaming pleasure.

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Sharp, powerful, slim – all forged into one. G6s5, it’s a great laptop for gaming, with looks that match its horsepower. And to that end, the sound system leaves a bit to be desired.

A total of nine ports dot the perimeter of the GS GS65 Stealth Thin – An ultraportable The new battery design allows up to eight hours of use, giving you uninterrupted productivity and entertainment.


The GS65 measures Visual representation of the products may not be perfectly accurate. It’s possible future games will be more adept at handling multithreading, but for the games we are currently using there’s simply not much benefit.

Plus, the keyboard is RGB backlit with MSI has thankfully gone in a different direction regarding the look and feel of its flagship thin-and-light gaming laptop, focusing on a device with far wider appeal. Even still, MSI managed to maintain a normal webcam position with a decent resolution of p, but back to that screen.

I uusb like the screen to be a bit brighter, but overall graphics and text are incredibly smooth and sharp. One gripe I have about the keyboard layout is the location of the Function key to the right of the spacebar. The speakers are a letdown and the fans can get loud, and if you were looking for extra FPS due to additional cores, you’re going to have to keep looking.

MSI GS65 Stealth Thin 8RF – World’s First Hz Thin Bezel Gaming Laptop

Switch between different profiles either push your system to the extreme or in the pursuit of longer battery life. All images and descriptions are for illustrative purposes only.

Image 18 of Image 6 of Image 5 of SteelSeries GameSense talks directly to your game and shall grant you the capability in playing games more intuitively.

When activated, the profile highlights and illuminates only the keys used in the game.


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MSI has at last elevated its leading line of laptops to elite status with the MSI GS65 Stealth formaking the absolute best of the technology afforded it. SteelSeries Engine 3 is used to customize the keyboard’s backlight or search for profiles dedicated to a specific game.

Image 7 of Mobile Center Show the system parameters on your mobile devices. System Monitoring Monitor system status, temperature, and much more Intuitive UI with all information at a glance Mini mode, display key info on a smaller window.

Keep lower power consumption for normal computing works, such as office works or video live demos. Enjoy gs655 game with double the sensation.

Cooler Boost Trinity consists of triple enhanced Whirlwind Blade fans. Performance Visuals Audio Control Streaming. Even at max volume, fan noise overpowers the speakers. Dragon Center identifies games installed on the laptop and acts as a shortcut to launch the game and customize the performance of the laptop.

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